Anonymous: Can you separate art from the artist?


Yes, sometimes is difficult but it’s possible, it’s perhaps the most sane thing to do. Of course every expression in art has elements of the own artist’s persona but enjoying what they create not necessarily translates into supporting or condoning any kind of wrong behavior unless of course their creations consist on glorifying all these bad things. People need to be aware of the differences on that.

This site tends to be really hypocritical about these things, you can see people trashing the filmography of an abuser while at the same they praise the new album of a misogynist, they would hate on an actress because she is homophobic but they would be alright professing love to a racist actor, the fact people in this site decides that some amoral and disgusting things are ok it’s beyond me and I find that even more wrong that someone who is well aware of what the artist has done, doesn’t support any kind of amoral stuff but enjoys a movie or a song which message has nothing to do with the life of the artist.